Capital Plaza Hotel - Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601, United States

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

The Capital Plaza Hotel's staff is committed to practicing environmental stewardship as we strive to provide our guests with the highest quality service. Our goal is to be the greenest hotel in Kentucky and we are constantly evaluating our systems and procedures to improve our efforts.

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Water conservation is a priority at the Capital Plaza Hotel. Recent water conservation measures include:

  • Offering a towel-linen program to our guests to reduce laundry cycles.
  • Using high efficiency shower-heads and faucet aerators in the hotel.
  • Modifying older toilets to reduce water consumption.
  • Making the prevention and prompt repair of leaks a priority.
  • Since 2009 we have reduced total water use by 10% and we expect even greater savings in the future as we implement further projects.
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Energy conservation is a priority at the Capital Plaza Hotel. Our energy conservation measures include:

  • Upgrading light fixtures throughout the hotel to higher efficiency and longer lasting bulbs.
  • Installing occupancy sensors where appropriate to ensure lights are turned off in unoccupied areas.
  • Lighting improvements are expected to reduce hotel electricity use by 460,000 kWH per year and save over $33,000 in electricity cost.
  • Installation of an Ozone Laundry System to reduce 90% of hot water use in the laundry service.
  • Installation of tank-less on-demand water heaters and a high efficiency boiler to replace old, less efficient heating systems.
  • Maintenance practices to identify energy waste and continually improve the hotel's operational systems.
  • From 2011 to 2012 the hotel's electricity use decreased 19%.
  • Energy used for water heating has been reduced by 33%.
  • Carbon emissions from hotel operations have been reduced by over 400 tons CO2/year since 2011.
  • The hotel's Energy Star rating has improved from 32 to 73 since 2009.

What You Can Do To Help

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  • Turn off the lights when you leave your room.
  • Utilize the towel laundry card.
  • Turn down the heating/cooling if you are leaving the hotel for an extended period of time.

With your help, Capital Plaza Hotel will become the most sustainable hotel in Kentucky! Please let us know your ideas or suggestions for how we can improve our service or resource conservation. For your convenience, please submit comments below directly to me. Your feedback is very important to us!

Thank you,

Chad Braden

Director of Facilities & Sustainability

Capital Plaza Hotel
405 Wilkinson Blvd
Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601, United States
Call: 502-227-5100


Capital Plaza Hotel

The Capital Plaza Hotel located in Historic Downtown Frankfort exemplifies the well-known tradition of gracious Kentucky hospitality. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Capital Plaza Hotel is your ideal choice. Free covered parking is easily accessible before your retreat to our guest rooms which overlook the Kentucky River or the Old State Capitol, or enjoy relaxing in the newly renovated Indoor Swimming Pool. In the evenings, enjoy a well prepared meal, or relax in Capital Plaza Lounge which boasts a wide variety of wine and spirits.